Monday, May 29, 2006

Something to think about when buying new furniture, lets say you are interested in a bedroom group and the dresser for this group is going to cost you $500.00. Your thinking, this has to be a good set of furniture because the dresser alone cost $500.00. Now what you need to do is break it down into what i call quality dollars. retail value is 500.00 that mean the store you are purchasing it from paid about $250.00 and that retail store didn't make the dresser so the factory also doubles their money so now your quality dollar is $125.00 and includes the box it is shipped in and the packing material and most of the time shipping. so by looking at the quality dollars your going to have $125.00 piece of furniture. it gets worse, with all the importing going on today almost all furniture is made over seas.(China) so if that 125.00 dresser was imported and the importer made their money you now have dresser with a quality dollar value of $62.50. you tell me how much quality is in a $62.50 piece of furniture??


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